Rise Broadband Is Coming

Rise Broadband is a company of experienced, dedicated people ready to provide you with the best Internet experienced at an affordable price.

We’re still the people in your  neighborhood ready to make things even better for you. That won’t change.


What’s Going To Change?

So, what will change? Well, you might not notice it immediately but Rise Broadband has the resources to invest in technology to continue to improve your connectivity and make things faster for you.

More speed. More reliability. Right in your own backyard.

What Do I Get?

With Rise Broadband, you can have it all without sacrificing anything. You live where you want and can enjoy:

  • Fast Internet connections
  • Streaming video
  • Lightning-fast downloads
  • Crisp, clear HD for YouTube, NetFlix and Hulu
  • Friendly customer service from caring, dedicated people
Rise Broadband shares the same values as you. We’re right around the corner, up the street and down the road a ways. Ready to give you a better Internet experience for the passions you embrace and to help you discover new ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name change mean to me?

We’re still the same folks here in your community focused on making your Internet experience faster and more reliable.

Beginning in mid-April, you will begin to see the Rise Broadband logo on your billing statements.

When will the name change happen?

May 15, 2015.

Will my price change?

The name change will not affect pricing.

Has the company been sold?

No, we have not been sold. We’re unifying our division brands under one new brand: Rise Broadband.

Will I see a change in service?

Your service will not be affected.

Will I see improvements?

Yes. Tens of millions of dollars will be invested to provide the best Internet experience possible.

Do I have to do anything?

No. Just watch for future communications from Rise Broadband.

Will any of this affect my Internet devices? 

No, your Internet devices will not be affected.

Will my email address change?

Your current email address will continue to work.

Should I change my payments to Rise Broadband?

Your payment can be accepted under either company name. As of May 15, 2015, please make your payment to Rise Broadband.

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